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Lipojection results vs liposuction

We are directly targeting problem fatty areas allowing you to lose fat in the specific areas you need.

Lipojection dissolves the fat cells which are then secreted by the body naturally, no surgery is required.

What are the active ingredients of Lipojection?

Lipojection is an introduction of sodium deoxycholate, this is a sodium salt of a natural product inside your body, which naturally lipolysis the fat in your body.

It is medically approved in the United Kingdom and the United States.

What is the rehabilitation period of Lipojection?

The downtime and side effects of Lipojection are minimal. As this is not an operation, there is no anaesthetic, no bruising, no need to take weeks off work. You can carry on with your day to day life immediately after the procedure.

How fast will I see results with Lipojection?

The process of fat dissolving starts immediately after your injection. With an area such as the eye you would typically see results in one to two days.

The complete package will help maintain & maximize the results, by letting the aftercare team help with a nutritional plan you can make stubborn areas of fat disappear permanently.

Maintaining fat loss & enhancing definition

The injection has been clinically proven to start the fat burning process. To maximise results and maintain the losses, you should follow the aftercare team's nutritional & exercise plans.

What about people with busy lifestyles?

The exercise routine created by the aftercare team can be done anywhere, even if you don't have time for the gym.

You could do the exercises in a hotel room, at the park, while out shopping, even in the comfort of your own home.

Maintaining Fat Loss Through Healthy Diet

Since the fat reduction has already taken place, the diet is usually for maintenance. You may not need any calorie reduction at all.

The aftercare team will talk you through eating a healthy, balanced diet with the proper amount of nutrients.

Can I tone my new thinner Lipojection body?

Initially, the Lipojection will begin dissolving fat immediately in the target area.

The effects are enhanced by following the advice of the aftercare team including exercise and diet plans.

Non Surgical Body Sculpting For Women

The treatment is a tailored approach, every client's expectations and desires are different.

For women, the most prominent treatment areas are the flanks and abdomen area. The brazilian butt lift is also a very popular treatment.

Non Surgical Body Sculpting For Men

For men, the treatment is suited for those stubborn areas which are hard to define. For example the abdomen or around the chest area.

Lipojection is a service provided by doctors & health professionals

This is a prescription only substance. You do need to see a registered health professional. It needs to be administered by a highly skilled practitioner.

Our doctors have been trained specifically in the product. You should not put your health at risk by having the procedure done by an unqualified person.

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February Offer!

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