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What is Lipojection?

An injection of a prescription substance called Aqualyx which contains an agent Sodium Deoxycholate. Aqualyx has been clinically approved as a safe method of dissolving fat.

Lipojection is a series of injections made a few centimetres apart directly into a fatty area. In simple terms the injections safely dissolve the body fat in that area.

Lipojection sounds too good to be true, why haven’t I heard about this before?

Researchers discovered that when Sodium Deoxycholate was isolated and injected directly into lipomas or body fat it liquified the fat and dissolved it through lipolysis and removed the fat naturally without the need for surgery. In recent years Aqualyx that uses Sodium Deoxycholate has been clinically proven to be safe and effective.

Is the drug you inject dangerous?

The active ingredient in the drug we inject has been medically tested and approved. In fact Sodium Deoxycholate is naturally present in both human beings and animals and helps to burn or lipolyse fat and control weight, it is a harmless bile salt and not a harmful synthetic chemical. Sodium Deoxycholate has even been used in Chinese medicine for over two thousand years to help boost the immune system and for weight loss.

Which parts of the body can be treated?

Numerous areas of stubborn fat in the body can be treated including hips, thighs, stomach, back, chin, jowels or under the chin, Under arms and men’s chest, even pseudo-gynaecomastia which is the development of fatty tissue around the nipple creating a breast like appearance in men.

Can anyone buy the drug and inject themselves?

Sodium Deoxycholate is prescription controlled and it requires a highly skilled doctor or medical practitioner to administer the injections. It is important not to confuse Lipojection with the numerous other copy cat products. We only use highly skilled doctors to perform the injections.

Can I buy the injections cheaply online?

People find lots of companies claiming to sell injection kits cheaply. These are not our products. Lipojection does not endorce any other practitioners and only our skilled doctors administer the injections . Anyone attempting to purchase fake injections from abroad will be breaking the law by purchasing or dealing in prescription controlled drugs and risking their health. They may be injecting themselves with potentially harmful chemicals that have not been adequately tested and may have long term or immediate dangerous side effects.

Do I need a daily injection and how many treatments?

In many cases two treatments spread six weeks apart are adequate but with our fat removal guarantee we will continue treatments until you reach the agreed result as long as you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle and follow a calorie controlled nutritious diet.

Are there any side effects?

There are possible side effects from the injections such as swelling and localised pain, however a local anaesthetic such as lidocaine will be applied to the area before the injections. The injections are not deep and are injected directly into the middle layer of the fat deposits. Some people experience itching sensation afterwards.

Can I eat what I want and still lose weight?

After your treatment we recommend that you follow a healthy detoxifying diet to maximise your results. We will recommend typical foods to eat and foods to avoid to enhance your results. If you are consuming more calories than you are naturally burning each day you will put on weight so even if your localised fat is dissolving your body will create additional fat to store all over your body. The treatment is not a substitute for a balanced healthy lifestyle and diet.

Will I grow muscles and tone up with this injection?

There is only one way to grow muscle and that is with exercise by stimulating that particular muscle group. This is why we always support the treatments with a bespoke diet plan and exercise plan which will be aimed at maximising your results.

I hate going to the gym, do you have exercises I can do at home?

To enhance your results we always recommend you commit to an exercise plan. We will recommend exercises to focus on weight loss and toning the body parts you are looking to improve. We focus on exercises that use your body resistance training to create a leaner body without the need for lots of equipment that you can do at home or any where even in a hotel room.