Clinically proven
non surgical
fat removal *

  • Treatments administered by a highly qualified doctor
  • Injections made directly into problem fatty areas
  • Clinically proven to dissolve fat through lipolysis
  • Treatments with guaranteed results
  • Interest free credit available**

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* Click here to read clinical studies providing conclusive evidence.
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Clinical Studies

What Is Lipojection?

What is Lipojection?

A non surgical alternative to liposuction where a doctor injects a safe chemical into fatty problem areas and dissolves the fat through lyposis which the body then disposes naturally.

Before And After Gallery

Before & After Gallery

A picture paints a thousand words and seeing is believing so have a look at some of the problem areas we've treated and the sorts of results you can expect if you are accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions


We've answered your most commonly asked questions about Lipojection so you fully understand the exciting new process so please click here for further information.


Results are dependent on lifestyle and other factors. Lipojection always creates a bespoke diet and exercise plan to enhance results and encourage weight loss for overweight clients.

Before and after 1 Before and after 2

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Treatable Areas For Men

Our treatments can help sculpt and remove problem fatty areas. This can help achieve the classic toned male physique.

  • Chest
  • Triceps & Biceps
  • Stomach & Abs
  • Back & Flanks
  • Thighs

Treatable Areas For Women

Our treatments can help sculpt and remove problem fatty areas. This can help enhance and tone women's bodies to achieve the perfect bikini body.

  • Under Chin
  • Upper Arm Sculpting
  • Stomach & Flanks
  • Back & Muffin Top
  • Inner Thighs
  • Bum Contouring


When I had the Lipojection treatment the doctor and patient co-ordinator were so nice that I actually enjoyed the whole experience. It was ace! - Carrie

The injections were done really quickly and I felt great afterwards and went straight back into work and the next morning when I woke up I felt amazing and went for a 10k run. - Gemma

What sets Lipojection apart from any other health treatment specialist is their continued support after the treatment, they create bespoke diet and workout plans to help you achieve your goals. - Steven

The consultation was really friendly and helped me with figuring out exactly what I wanted out of the treatment. The interest-free credit also helped make the treatment much more affordable for myself. - Sam


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